Nature-based art promotes healing

 Natalie Blake Studios' work profiled in Healthcare Design Magazine

  In  September we completed this Tree of Life mural for Skyline Art Services.  The piece was installed in the Fort  Belvoir Community Hospital in Virginia.  We are honored that our work was selected for this prestigious hospital, which is the first of a new generation of world-class military medical facilities.  We have known for some time that our work fills a niche for art in healthcare settings, as the healthcare industry moves towards evidence-based design (EBD).   Incorporating the visual arts in the healthcare environment is a fundamental component of EBD, with proven benefits for patients, family and staff, translating into measurable outcomes in health, well-being, and cost of care. (see our recent blogpost on this topic). Healthcare Design Magazine recently published a case study of the art at Fort Belvoir.  According to the article, "HDR established a design imperative to bring the outdoors in, and so provided the common areas with access to daylight as well as views to the forests and river beyond the site and to the campus grounds and gardens. Both the abundance of external views and the nature-based motifs of each pavilion are key components of biophilic design, the deliberate attempt to translate an understanding of the inherent human affinity with nature in the built environment." Read the full article here. handmade, sgraffito-carved ceramic wall tile by Natalie Blake Studios

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