Natalie Blake Studios is a small studio in southern Vermont dedicated to making sophisticated handmade ceramic art. All of the work is made by a small team of seven studio employees who design and produce the artwork from start to finish.

Natalie Blake has been throwing pots for over a quarter of a century, and is renown for her signature carvings, ceramic urchin lids, and beautiful blue glazes. Galleries and collections around the world house her vessels. You can see her work at her studio in Vermont, where she shows through the Fire Arts Vermont in Brattleboro, or our Buy On Line selection.

Natalie Blake Studios’ tiles with their unique undulating elements are handmade by the team. Each tile is hand carved, individually glazed and high-fired to become suitable for both wall art and backsplash tile. These gorgeous ceramic tiles transform your two dimensional wall space into a three dimensional sculpture with the delicate play of light and a surface quality reminiscent of a fine tapestry, quilt or carpet. Each tile is hand-carved in lush themes, including botanical, figurative, sea form and abstract Texture Tiles ~ and glazed with over forty glazes. The glazes on the tiles are colorfast and will not fade in sunlight. The tiles are fired at high temperatures and highly vitrified, which makes their surface glasslike, and easy to clean and maintain. The tiles can be used for both interior or exterior installations. You can order custom tiles, or purchase through our Buy On Line selection.

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“We first saw Natalie’s artwork online in displays for commercial buildings and museums. We thought it was way out of our reach, but decided to call anyway. What a pleasant surprise to learn we could create our own small piece by selecting a few tiles from a larger one and downsizing the tiles. The staff helped us with our design and color selection to make our vision come together.”
W. Utberg, Residential Customer, September 2015