“Tree of Life” Porcelain Tile ~ Creates a Focal Point for a Residential Kitchen Backsplash

Natalie Blake Studios handmade porcelain tiles are a perfect complement for use with field tiles in a backsplash installation. This porcelain art tile is framed with a bullnose tile that matches the white subway field tile. The sixteen-inch hand carved and glazed "Tree of Life" was commissioned by a residential homeowner in Maine. Our tiles are vitrified, and glass like, so easy to keep clean and virtually no maintenance. Natalie-Blake-Studios-porcelain-tile-custom-made-with-Tree-of-Life-design-for-kitchen-backsplash-used-with-white-subway-tiles The client sent photographs (see below) of their kitchen before any of the tile or appliances had been installed. The tile was going above the stovetop between the cabinets, as shown above. The homeowners wanted glaze colors that would work with their beautiful new counter tops and cabinets. By sending the studio photographs of their kitchen in progress, we were able to work with them to find the right glazes to suit the new gray paint on the cupboards and the new counter tops.  The clients chose the glaze colors to work with their new kitchen makeover. 1-Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles_1618 2-Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles_1619 3-Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles_1633 They chose one our our "Tree of Life" designs. This unique tree was hand carved on the porcelain tile using the sgraffito method. Once a tile is carved, we always send a photograph to the home owners for approval, before continuing with the production of firing and glazing. Each of our tiles is a work of art, unique with its own characteristics, as they are hand-rolled, hand-formed, hand-carved and uniquely glazed.

"Approval granted. Looks great. Thanks for the quick work!"

4-Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles_1616 Working with the client, the glazes were chosen - double cream and jade. Natalie Blake Studios recommends talking over the glaze colors, or requesting sample color chips to make sure your tile will match your environment. Their tile was then glazed as they had requested. A photograph of the glazed tile was sent for approval by the clients. We wrote and told the clients that the glaze colors came out differently than we had expected. Such is the nature of this handmade ceramic medium. Glaze colors have many variables, including the kiln firing, the application and the hand mixing of the colors. We are often working with the energy of the kiln gods to have a good firing, and depend upon the kiln gods to create a piece of their liking! Natalie Blake Studios' policy is that you are happy with the final result. We always send photographs for approval. The studio offered to remake the tile and glaze it again, but they were pleased with the tile as it was. Here is their response to the photograph of the tile was sent for approval:

"We love it. Actually looks more earthy. The green is perfect."

5-Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles_1617 The tile was shipped to Maine for installation by their contractor.

"We received the tile today. It is perfect!  This is the center piece of our kitchen and will be enjoyed and admired by a lot of people. Thank you for the great product and great service!"

  6-Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles _1739 7-Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles _1740 8-Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles _1741 Their kitchen has been finished. All the field tiles have been installed and grouted. The kitchen cabinets are finished and the appliances are in. Here are the photographs we just received from the homeowners of their completed kitchen remodel. The "Tree of Life" tile is in its new home! Natalie-Blake-Studios-custom-16-inch-porcelain-tile-for-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine-used-with-white-subway-tiles Natalie-Blake-Studios-porcelain-16-inch-handmade-hand-carved-Tree-of-Life-porcelain-tile-used-with-white-subway-tile-for-a-residential-kitchen-backsplash-in-Maine  
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