Mural hangs in Hawaii

This piece, called Mauna Kea, is installed on a stone wall in a garden at a Hawaiian residence.  Natalie met the clients at the Philadelphia Museum Show.  They saw her work and commissioned a mural to decorate this wall, which blocked their view of the volcano, Mauna Kea (side note: it's the highest point on the island of Hawaii).  They wanted a piece that would "show" them the volcano. Natalie embellished the design with flora from the island, including the wild ginger plant. Natalie's fiance, Nick, installed the piece.  His meticulousness ensured that the tiles are straight and inline with each other--not an easy task on an irregularly-shaped, stone wall. Here's what the client says about the piece: "Your work just keeps on amazing us.  We love our volcano, especially during the evening when the setting sun lights it. I also love the face that inadvertently showed up in the clouds to blow the wind.  Absolutely genius." Ceramic Wall Art Tile, Outdoor Art

handmade, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall art by Natalie Blake

Ceramic Wall Art Tile, Outdoor Art

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