We have 40 glazes to choose from. The glazes on the tiles are colorfast and will not fade in sunlight. The tiles are fired at high temperatures and highly vitrified, which makes their surface glasslike, and easy to clean and maintain. The images below will give you an idea of our glaze colors. Please remember that you see on your monitor may differ from the true color on the tile due to various settings on your device. We encourage you to ask for color sample tiles if you are trying to match a specific color, and so you can see the ceramic glazes in person. Glazes do differ and change with each batch of glaze that is made, and react to the various kiln firings in subtle ways. The process is very organic, so even if you specify a certain glaze color, there may be slight variations due to the kilns' nuances. This is what makes our pieces unique works of art. Colors blended in the glazing process will also add nuance and depth to the tiles. Wonderful new tones, shading and variations in color is the art of the glazer and firing. We encourage exploration using blended glaze colors. Color glaze samples cost $10 each plus a shipping/handling charge. If you wish to return the color samples within two months from receipt, we will refund your invoice when we receive the color sample chips back at our studio, if they arrive in the same condition that you received them. All orders must be pre-paid for new customers of Natalie Blake Studios. Please contact the studio with specific colors of the glaze samples you wish to receive at Be sure to include your name, shipping address, email, phone number, and Glaze Colors ~ so we can contact you if we have any questions. You can also go to our "Buy Online" section and purchase a discounted set of 30 NBS Color Sample Tiles for $225.00, including shipping and handling.   Cool tones of Natalie Blake Studios' glazes:   Warm tones of Natalie Blake Studios' glazes: