Chocolate Chesspots


Click on image to enlarge. Handmade, porcelain and black clay vessels. "King" 24" x 7" $950 "Queen" 19" x 7" $850 "Bishop" 16" x 6" $450 These pieces can be customized in sizes ranging from 8" - 20" h. In my most recent body of work, I turn my traditional approach to the thrown and lidded vessel upside down. My approach to form has always been one of full, ripe, round. The carved and brightly colored, curvy shapes invited the beholder to conjure the feeling of ripe fruits and affluent jewels. This latest approach seeks to maintain elegance and ripeness, while making bold, sharp and opinionated statements with cut edges and accordion angles. Instead of colored glaze, the raw high-fired terra-sigilatta surface of the porcelain and black clays uses shadow and light to personify. The vessels have merged with the characters of chess pieces to create whimsical identity and playful gesture. My signature lids are the final and pivotal punctuation mark that creates the complete personalty of each vessel. Order individual vessels, or the entire grouping. Please allow 4 weeks lead time. Please contact the studio to place a custom order:  802.254.9761
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