The Rose Garden Circle

2’ h x 58’ circumference 2012, 28, 25”w x 22”h cast, lightweight, concrete tiles created from original in carved clay.  Acid stained blue and russet tones. Thin set mortared with Flex-bond Mortar to existing concrete 1.3 foot thick by 19” diameter ring. Art does not exist in a vacuum. It's made for the eyes and hands of the viewer.  Our Rose Circle piece was made not only for the viewer but for the tactile  admirer.  The deep relief carving on the tiles draws you in and you can't help but run your hands over it. One can sit on the concrete ledge that is still exposed "rose garden water" at their feet. Here it is before....and then after....   Here is the garden "surround" BEFORE: rose circle before And AFTER: BestRoseGarden chabot2 concrete detail small file 2    

Watch us making the Rose Circle.

nick installing rose circle    
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