Anchorage, AK

In 2014 Natalie Blake Studios was awarded a public art grant to create sculptural wall tile for 10 columns in a high school cafeteria in Anchorage, Alaska. The art committee requested that the commissioned art “bring nature and light” into the cafeteria. Natalie Blake Studios’ proposal was to create 10 dynamic, sculptural, ceramic tile murals, featuring Alaskan plants, e.g. Jacob’s Ladder, Lupine, and Sitka Spruce, in their native landscapes. Each mural, comprised of twenty-four 16” x 16” tiles, will wrap around the columns (six tiles per side), thus providing various perspectives of the depicted scenes. We proposed to center each mural on a column, starting 4’ from the floor, where the textured carving lines can be seen up close and touched. The tiles will be grouted in place and will last the life of the building. Natalie Blake Studios was awarded the public art grant from a nationwide search. Cynthia designing the Fireweed Mural – sketching in the outline of the design before the details of the tiles are carved. All the murals were carved out and then bisque fired. Once fired the tiles were ready to be glazed. Natalie glazing the tiles outside under a tarp. The project was so large that… Read More »

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