More images of the Hawaii installation

Natalie Blake Studios handmade, ceramic wall art tile

We just received more images of our tiles installed at the Hawaii residence. We made murals and name plates for guest suites at a residence in Hawaii. See our earlier posts on this project.   These latest murals are glazed in  russet, persimmon, jade and turquoise.  Click here to see closeups of each of these murals.            

More murals for Hawaii

Handmade, ceramic wall tiles by Natalie Blake Studios

    We’re created four more tile murals for the residence in Hawaii that we blogged about in December. These four murals will adorn the walls outside of guest rooms on the property.  The mural designs reflect the flora of the area and are glazed in adobe, turquoise, persimmon and jade.            

Mural hangs in Hawaii

Ceramic Wall Art Tile, Outdoor Art

This piece, called Mauna Kea, is installed on a stone wall in a garden at a Hawaiian residence.  Natalie met the clients at the Philadelphia Museum Show.  They saw her work and commissioned a mural to decorate this wall, which blocked their view of the volcano, Mauna Kea (side note: it’s the highest point on the island of Hawaii).  They wanted a piece that would “show” them the volcano. Natalie embellished the design with flora from the island, including the wild ginger plant. Natalie’s fiance, Nick, installed the piece.  His meticulousness ensured that the tiles are straight and inline with each other–not an easy task on an irregularly-shaped, stone wall. Here’s what the client says about the piece: “Your work just keeps on amazing us.  We love our volcano, especially during the evening when the setting sun lights it. I also love the face that inadvertently showed up in the clouds to blow the wind.  Absolutely genius.”

Tree of Life finds home

handmade, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall art tile by Natalie Blake Studios

  This Tree of Life, is beautifully mounted on a painted wall. We love the look of the darker paint behind the mural.    

Mural for Home in Hawaii

Natalie Blake Studios custom ceramic wall tiles

This mural, measuring 84″ w x 56″ h, was commissioned by a homeowner in Hawaii. Natalie will be installing this piece next week.  You can see that Natalie’s design reflects the flora and landscape of the Big Island.  

New Work for residence in Hawaii

We were contacted in September by an interior designer in Hawaii who was interested in commissioning tile murals for the exterior of a client’s guest suites. We sketched the designs and chose colors for each of the four guest suites (see below) Here are three of the four murals, carved and drying before bisque-firing.     Here is one of the finished murals, glazed in fern:   This glaze is amethyst:   This glaze is yellow:     The interior designer then commissioned name plaques to designate each guest suite. Here’s the result:   Here are some installation shots of the murals:          

Lake Geneva, WI installation

Handmade, custom, ceramic wall art tile by Natalie Blake Studios

Natalie recently installed this mural at a residence on Lake Geneva, WI. Here’s what Natalie had to say about the piece: “This piece was inspired by Lake Geneva, which can be seen from the dining room and kitchen windows of this home in Wisconson.  The day I went to look at the walls I had been talking about with my client, the sun was warm and inviting, the water and sky blue with a lovely breeze. We sat out on the veranda and had breakfast and talked about wall art and the last few years of my adventures into wall sculpture and ceramic art tile. My client was inspired by the undulation in tile that gives the murals such life and motion. She liked the idea of her wall coming alive with a three dimensional hand carved rendition of her perfect view. We chose warm colors that came from the outdoors as well as colors in the wood, carpets, furnishings of her home. The colors worked beautifully in the room! She had the perfect lighting already installed in the ceilings, that “scraped” the piece from top down to accentuate the undulation and texture in the handmade, handcarved, tiles.   Success!”

Natalie and Nick installing tiles for a client

handmade, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall tile

Natalie and Nick are in Iowa finishing up an installation of Natalie’s wall art tile for a residential client.  These are the shape tiles we blogged about in August.   Here’s what Natalie had to say about these tiles: “This commission was made at the Des Moines Art Festival in 2009.  The client had been searching for some original art for her foyer. My fiance, Nick and I went to visit her home, and we learned that the family loved music. The client and her daughter also loved butterflies. I came away from their house trying to imagine a mural that would suit the space but not overwhelm it.   Nick suggested on our drive back to Vermont that I break out of the square and create a piece I had not done before. Over the course of the next two years, I worked on designs, and the client renovated a large part of her house, including the stair and foyer. I created large ceramic tiles that were abstracted instruments that morphed into animated abstractions, and then into abstracted butterfly designs. I call the piece, “Diapason Unfurling” Diapason means: diapason |ˌdīəˈpāzən; -sən|noun (also open diapason or stopped diapason ):  an… Read More »

Tree of Life for Silver Fox Gallery

Tree of Life, Silver Fox Gallery

Bonnie at Silver Fox Gallery, Hendersonville, NC, recently commissioned this piece, Tree of Life for a client.  The glazes are persimmon, adobe, new moss and turquoise.