Natalie and Nick installing at Chabot College

handmade, concrete tile by Natalie Blake

Natalie and her fiance, Nick, are installing their artwork at Chabot College, Hayward, CA. This is the final installation of the public art grant the studio was awarded in 2010.   This is the Rose Circle installation: concrete tiles made by Natalie and her fiance, Nick (Hand of Man Builders).  The tiles are acid-stained, concrete positives of Natalie’s original carved clay tiles.   This piece, the Blue Ripple Mandala is being installed on a 20-foot wall.        

Poolside Installation

handmade, ceramic tile by Natalie Blake Studios

A homeowner in Hill Country, Texas contacted us this spring. He was looking for decorative accent tiles to grout into a stone wall that surrounds his pool.  He had heard about our work from his pool salesman. He looked through our Tile Catalogue and picked these tiles. According to the homeowner, “the designs we saw on the website were just what we were seeking…perfect colors, suitably artistic and subtle.  A great complement for our stone.” However, he wanted the tiles to be bigger: “Customer service was excellent beginning to end.  The tiles shown on the website were 12″ squares which were a bit small for the size of the wall.  A quick call to Ellen and the problem was solved … she informed us that they could be made in 14″ squares.  Moreover, she helped us understand the exterior mounting options and procedure.”     Here is the image of his pool, showing two of the tiles, grouted into the stone wall.     There are two tiles in this picture, one on either side of the waterfall.   I asked him how he likes the final product. Here’s what he said: “The tiles are beautiful!  They really add just… Read More »

Mural hangs in Hawaii

Ceramic Wall Art Tile, Outdoor Art

This piece, called Mauna Kea, is installed on a stone wall in a garden at a Hawaiian residence.  Natalie met the clients at the Philadelphia Museum Show.  They saw her work and commissioned a mural to decorate this wall, which blocked their view of the volcano, Mauna Kea (side note: it’s the highest point on the island of Hawaii).  They wanted a piece that would “show” them the volcano. Natalie embellished the design with flora from the island, including the wild ginger plant. Natalie’s fiance, Nick, installed the piece.  His meticulousness ensured that the tiles are straight and inline with each other–not an easy task on an irregularly-shaped, stone wall. Here’s what the client says about the piece: “Your work just keeps on amazing us.  We love our volcano, especially during the evening when the setting sun lights it. I also love the face that inadvertently showed up in the clouds to blow the wind.  Absolutely genius.”

New Work for residence in Hawaii

We were contacted in September by an interior designer in Hawaii who was interested in commissioning tile murals for the exterior of a client’s guest suites. We sketched the designs and chose colors for each of the four guest suites (see below) Here are three of the four murals, carved and drying before bisque-firing.     Here is one of the finished murals, glazed in fern:   This glaze is amethyst:   This glaze is yellow:     The interior designer then commissioned name plaques to designate each guest suite. Here’s the result:   Here are some installation shots of the murals:          

Outdoor Installation

Natalie Blake Studios tiles can be installed outdoors. This piece, Tree of Life, persimmon, was recently installed at a residence outside of Philadelphia, PA.  Here’s what the homeowner had to say… “We are indeed loving our Tree of Life!  It is even more special than we thought it would be.  You certainly have an artist’s eye.  Having the azaleas in the foreground adds a nice touch.  A welcoming at our front door!  We are thrilled with the tiles.  The piece livens our entrance. Prior to this installation, you looked at a plain stucco wall as you walked up to the front door.”       The owner plans to plant flowers under the mural:     A closeup of the undulation:     Photos of the installation process.

Outdoor installations of ceramic tile murals

Natalie Blake Studios tiles can be installed indoors or outdoors. The high-fired, durable, sun and weather resistant tile can be grouted into a permanent installation or hung as a tile mural. The modular format of the tiles can be adapted to suit architectural niches, angles, large or small spaces, curved walls, and indoor or outdoor applications. Check out these outdoor installations: Click on the images to enlarge them.