“Little Tree of Four” Kitchen Backsplash

  Another happy customer from Natalie Blake Studios!   “Our kitchen project is finished, and the “Little Tree of Four” is installed. It looks absolutely beautiful and is the highlight of our kitchen! ” G. Szegedy Little Tree of Four ceramic porcelain hand sgraffito carved backsplash. No maintenance tiles, that are easy to clean using any household cleaner and a scrubby, or wipe with Windex. Color fast tiles, that are heat and water resistent. Perfect to use in a kitchen near a stove or sink. Custom designs and sizes for any backsplash commission available within 6-12 weeks from receipt of deposit. Natalie Blake Studios designers will work with you to find the perfect image and colors to fit in your custom home. Please contact the studio by phone at 802.254.9761 or email at info@natalieblake.com.    

“Tree of Life” Porcelain Tile ~ Creates a Focal Point for a Residential Kitchen Backsplash

Natalie Blake Studios handmade porcelain tiles are a perfect complement for use with field tiles in a backsplash installation. This porcelain art tile is framed with a bullnose tile that matches the white subway field tile. The sixteen-inch hand carved and glazed “Tree of Life” was commissioned by a residential homeowner in Maine. Our tiles are vitrified, and glass like, so easy to keep clean and virtually no maintenance. The client sent photographs (see below) of their kitchen before any of the tile or appliances had been installed. The tile was going above the stovetop between the cabinets, as shown above. The homeowners wanted glaze colors that would work with their beautiful new counter tops and cabinets. By sending the studio photographs of their kitchen in progress, we were able to work with them to find the right glazes to suit the new gray paint on the cupboards and the new counter tops.  The clients chose the glaze colors to work with their new kitchen makeover. They chose one our our “Tree of Life” designs. This unique tree was hand carved on the porcelain tile using the sgraffito method. Once a tile is carved, we always send a photograph to the home… Read More »

Residential Backsplash

We just received some photographs of a custom backsplash we did for a client in 2014. I am sure that she has waited a long time to put up these tiles, but now that she has them, she can enjoy them for years to come!                     Their kitchen is fully renovated, and she has sent photographs of her Natalie Blake Studios tiles above her stovetop. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? We can make custom tiles to fit your interior ~ with endless designs and over 40 glaze colors, let us work with you to make your environment glorious.                       Our tiles are the perfect medium for a backsplash. Contact the studio so we can help you with your design, and answer any questions you might have.

The story of a custom kitchen backsplash

custom, ceramic wall art tile

The story of our Tree of Life backsplash: from commission to completion Last year at this time (December 2012) a couple from Washington contacted us to discuss commissioning a custom kitchen backsplash. They’d seen our website and found images of our Tree of Life that they really liked.  They emailed us the image that they liked best, commenting on how they liked the way the roots looked, and the overall shape of the tree. They also asked whether we could make the piece in cream and brown, to complement the stone in the stove area. After getting the measurements of the wall where the backsplash was to be installed, we Photoshopped an image of our Tree of Life into the image of their stove area.  We determined that 4, 12″ x 12″ tiles would be the best size for the space. This size would also allow for a 1″ border tile to set the piece off from the rest of the stone backsplash.  We recommended that the tree be offset, rather than centered, to mirror the asymmetry of the stovetop: Their response was “So beautiful!  The tree design is fantastic!” Once we had the design nailed down, we worked more… Read More »

Making a custom, kitchen backsplash

handmade, ceramic backsplash tile

Our most recent backsplash…we call it Little Tree because we customized the tiles, making 7″ x 7″ tiles in order to fit the entire tree in the space. A homeowner contacted us to order a custom-made, ceramic tile backsplash to go above her kitchen range.  She gave us the dimensions of the wall space that she wanted to fill, minus the size of the “rod” style tile in black, wrought iron, that will border the custom tiles we make. We then determined that she’d need 7″ x 7″ tiles, allowing for the groutlines.  When she said she wanted the Tree of Life design we Photoshopped an image of a Tree of Life mural on the image she sent us of her space.  She loved it!   She approved, and we’ve started the piece.  We will work with her to pick glaze colors, first by sending her a sampling of 3″ x 3″ color chips so that she can see the actual glaze colors before making her choice.   We’ve started making the piece by first rolling out the tiles, and draping them over our forms on the table to give the tiles our signature undulation. Click on the image below… Read More »

A Custom, Artistic Backsplash, installed

custom backsplash tile by Natalie Blake STudios

Natalie and her fiance, Nick, recently installed this custom backsplash for a client in Annapolis, MD. Watch this fun video on the installation. Natalie writes: Bev and I met five years ago at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore where she gave me a deposit and told me she didn’t think she would ever find the kind of backsplash she was looking for, but had a hunch I might be able to make it for her. I had just started making tiles at that point and the first pieces were small squares with flowers and leaves on them. She was a ways off at that point from having her kitchen remodeled, and a couple of years later finally started asking me for glaze colors and sketches as her renovations were coming to completion. The final renovations took a while to be punch listed, and so we had yet another year and a half to think about design, and for me to create some of the glaze colors that Bev was hoping for. She wanted a purple backsplash. I hoped I wouldn’t have to make a completely purple piece, and in the end we realized that some blue and cashew… Read More »

Natalie Blake Studios Tiles in New England Home Magazine

handmade, ceramic wall art tile

The studio’s Botanical tiles are pictured in the Elements section of New England Home’s October issue. The section highlights “striking kitchen and bath materials from around New England.” As the write-up explains, “Natalie Blake Studios uses the technique called sgraffito for its undulating tiles, carving free-hand to ensure the unique character and exquisite delicacy of each one.  As functional as they are beautiful, they would make a sensational backsplash, though many of the studio’s clients hang them on the wall as art.” We are proud to be a New England-made source for fine wall art and backsplash tile. Here are two versions of the tile mural, one in cream, one in honey:     The mural certainly makes a beautiful backsplash:

New Kitchen Backsplash Concept

handmade, custom, ceramic backsplash tile by Natalie Blake Studios

    We used these tiles in a proposal for artwork for the bulkhead of first-class cabins in a major airline’s airplanes.  But we love them so much we just had to show them as a backsplash!  These tiles are glazed in cashew, jade and honey.  

Kitchen Backsplash

Handmade, ceramic backsplash tiles by Natalie Blake Studios

This piece is comprised of 6, 12″ x 12″ tiles and 4 shape tiles. We could have created a square mural that would have fit directly above the stovetop, but we thought the design would have looked too tight for the space. So we designed the piece to include shape tiles that extended the backsplash. The piece is a bold statement that really pops against the beautiful warm wood of the cabinetry and slate counters. We designed the piece so that the horizontal grout line in the middle of the piece lines up with the bottom of the cabinets on either side. We typically recommend a neutral brown grout with an 1/8″ grout line for our tiles. Installing our backsplash tiles is not difficult. You can read our installation instructions here: Install Instructions for Natalie Blake Studios Tile