New Tree of Life Mural

handmade, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall art tile

This piece was commissioned by Skyline Art Services, Houston, TX for Fort Belvoire army hospital, outside of Washington, DC.   The piece measures 53″ w x 80″ h and is glazed in adobe, honey, persimmon, blue, jade and turquoise  

Installation Shot

handmade, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall tiles

Thanks to Barbara Markoff for this installation shot.  Barbara is an art consultant with Artrageous! out of San Diego.  The 8 tiles were installed on a 72″ recessed circular area in a wall off the elevator at Methodist Hospital of Southern CA, Arcadia, CA Barbara’s quote: “Thanks again for the beautifully executed tiles.”        

Tree of Life, installed

handmade, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall tiles by Natalie Blake STudios

This beautiful Tree of Life was commissioned by Spellman Brady & Co., St. Louis, MO for the SSM Health Care  facility in St. Charles, MO  

Natalie’s Ceramic Quilt

handmade, ceramic wall art tile by Natalie Blake Studios

This 32-tile mural, named “Natalie’s Ceramic Quilt” by the client, will be installed in the Sourtheast Missouri Cancer Center in January. The art program for the center will play an integral role in the patient experience.The artwork in the center will be “patient journey focused and will allow nature elements to be shared from the outside in and inside out,”  according to the art committee in charge of selecting the artwork.   We are pleased that Natalie’s work will be included in the Center’s art program.   Click on the image to enlarge it.                

Live Oak mural for commercial client

handmade, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall tiles

An art buyer we’ve worked with in the past recently contacted us. She saw our Live Oak wall mural, consisting of 9, 12″ tiles and thought a larger version would work well for an art installation she was working on.  She Photoshopped the image of our Live Oak piece, enlarging it and putting it into an image of the room where it would hang.  We all thought it would be great!   Here’s a picture of her piece, carved, drying and awaiting the bisque kiln:         Here’s the Photoshopped image.  This gives a good idea of how a piece will work in a space.            

Tree of Life for Hospital Installation

handmade, ceramic wall tiles by Natalie Blake Studios

This Tree of Life, ceramic wall tile mural, will be installed in a hospital lobby.  The piece measures 46″ x 46″.  Our trademark wooden backings will be put on the tiles and security hardware will be attached to these backings. The glazes used in this piece are: adobe, blue, turquoise, jade, persimmon and honey. Click here to see more of our Tree of Life designs.                      

Fletcher Allen Hospital Installation

handmade, ceramic, wall tiles by Natalie Blake

We recently completed this Tree of Life piece for the Radiology Oncology facility at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, VT. The request for proposals (RFP) stated that patients in the radiology department who are undergoing radiation treatments to eliminate cancer tumors or to alleviate pain caused by the tumors will be virtually underground all day. The light-well in the waiting area is their only connection with nature.  The RFP goes on to state that the design concept for the project is the idea of being under a canopy of trees. In the corridors outside the vaults, the skylights are large enough so that one can look up and see the branches of trees in the planters that run along the skylight on the roof. Our piece was chosen from a pool of applicants for this installation because it addressed the thematic considerations of the request for proposals.  Specifically, the selection committee was looking for art that: contributes to a sense of place (why this piece would not be found in another city or outside of Vermont) addresses in some form the culture, landscape/natural environment, vitality, heritage or traditions of the region. creatively explores ideas related to this space; particularly… Read More »

Danbury Hospital Installation

On Monday Natalie and her fiance, Nick, installed two Tree of Life murals in the Danbury Hospital, Danbury, CT. The installation was “a piece of cake” according to Nick. All the workmen in the area (who were still slinging mud and tape, finishing the renovation) oohed and aahed over the tiles. The end result is stunning. Note the beautiful background color “Topeka Taupe” by Benjaman Moore.   Here, Nick is attaching our unique hanging system to the wall:       The wooden discs attach to the wall.  Then the tiles, which have wooden backings on them with a circle cut-out, fit snugly and securely on the wooden discs:               Here’s 1/2 of the finished piece.  The other 10-tile Tree mural is on the other side of the elevator: