NBS works with interior designers, art consultants, art buyers and architects

Natalie Blake Studios will work closely with you to make just the right piece for any public, commercial, healthcare, residential or hospitality setting. NBS will provide sketches of our proposed designs, we will show you a proposed project with Photoshopped images, and will send tile samples upon request to help your decision process. To expedite the process, we suggest you email us an image of your space and provide us with fabric samples, or a photo of these samples. It is most helpful to choose a piece that you see on our website so we have a starting point to start your commission for entirely unique new piece! Or you can choose a design we have already done that you see on website, and modify the colors and size for your architectural space. Natalie Blake Studios will work closely with you to realize your project, something both you and your client will be very pleased with. Pictured below are completed NBS installations shown in various healthcare, commercial and residential situations.  To obtain trade pricing please email the studio:  

2015 ~ Mandala Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, IL

Mandala _ Memorial Medical Center Springfield, IL _ 2015 _ Install B

Natalie Blake Studios created this mandala from over 50 individual handmade, hand carved porcelain tiles. The majority of the tiles are 16" x 16" square. The diameter of this piece is fifteen feet across.

2015 ~ Newhope Medical Center, Westminster, CA

KE Newhope Tree Installation 12 inch tiles 2015 square photo
Natalie Blake Studios created this Tree of Life from 28 handmade, hand carved porcelain tiles. The tiles are 12" x 12" square.

2015 ~ Woodwinds Hospital Art Cancer Center, Woodbury, MN

Tree_Woodwinds Hospital Art Cancer Center_2015

Commission for a hospital in 12" x 12" handmade, hand carved porcelain tiles by Natalie Blake Studios.

2014 ~ Pediatric Specialties Center, Trumbull, CT

"Traveler Searching for Learning", a Natalie Blake Studios commission for the Yale New Haven Hospital pediatric unit.

2014 ~ Nemours Alfred I. duPont-Hospital, Wilmington, DE

Nemours_Alfred I. duPont Hospital_roof_garden_tiles

Natalie Blake Studios created glass and porcelain tiles for the hospital's rooftop "Healing Garden". The colorful walls create both a windbreak and privacy screen for patients and families visiting the garden.

2014 ~ Residential "Kitchen Tree" backsplash

Kitchen Tree backsplash tile by Natalie Blake Studios

"Kitchen Tree" porcelain grouted backsplash

2013 ~ "Nautilus" shower backsplash

Nautilus Shower Mural, Handmade Ceramic Tile Art

Nautilus shower backsplash residential installation

2013 ~ Fireworks Restaurant, Keene, NH

handcarved, ceramic wall art tile by Natalie Blake

Commission for a restaurant.

2013 ~ Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA

Hospitality_Baystate Springfield_2013_Close up

Natalie Blake Studios created this commission to blend with the hospital's interior design for their reception room.

2013 ~ Catholic Icons Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga-TN

Catholic Icons Memorial Hospital's IC reception Chattanooga TN

2007 ~ Kansas City Cancer Center, Kansas City, MO

kansas city KS cancer center install 07 SMALL

Healthcare Installations are our specialty

"Natalie Blake Studios’ natural themes, which evoke the restorative properties of balance and harmony, have proven to be therapeutic to patients."   --Carla Santia, Art Consultant for Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA   "The craftsmanship is top notch.  Not only are Natalie's designs unique and gorgeous, she will custom-create designs to your own specifications.  Her attention to detail is extraordinary.  Her staff is eager to please and easy to work with.  It is a winning combination of excellent product and great customer service."  --Barbara Markoff, Art Consultant, Artrageous!   In 2006 Natalie Blake Studios began creating handmade, ceramic, nature-based design tiles, responding to an increased demand for art installations in health care facilities and marking a turning point for the studio toward more meaning-based work. Our designs incorporate universally-recognizable natural features: trees, flowers, botanical elements, which symbolize abundance, rejuvenation and growth. The images are safe, welcoming and are designed to create a more positive, peaceful environment.  We are honored to join more and more healthcare institutions in their groundbreaking missions to further serve patients by incorporating art into their health care setting. Our staff has worked with design teams to create innovative, lasting artwork in cancer research centers, women crisis centers, pediatric care institutions, radiology departments, general care facilities and many others.  We base our work on research that has tracked the effects of nature on patients including shorter time in the hospital, fewer doses of analgesics, lower blood pressure levels, less anxiety and less intense pain. Our murals are comprised of individually-made, sgraffito-carved, ceramic wall tiles in sizes ranging from 4” – 24” square. Tiles are made by smoothing a slab of clay over hand-made forms to give the tiles undulation. Designs are then carved into each tile using the ancient technique of  “sgraffito” (meaning “to score”) and glazed from a palette of 33 rich, luminous glaze colors. When laid next to each other, the tiles form contiguous designs that can be expanded to any size. Because of the modular format of tiles, the murals and groupings are highly- adaptable to different spaces, well-suited to hallways, stairwells and large, open spaces. They can also be grouted in place or individually mounted and hung, and lend themselves to viewing from a distance or up close, providing a tactile experience. Ceramic tile is an enduring, resilient, easily-maintained medium. The sealed tiles can be cleaned with common cleaners. We provide our own custom installation backings and clear installation instruction.  The work is fully insured and customized for each specific project. The discussion begins with the client and their specific needs for the artwork.  Then, drawing from the studio’s portfolio of designs, sketches are prepared for approval. The Tree of Life, water imagery, landscapes, large flowers and leaf patterns comprise a large part of our commissions, though the studio has also created works with human and animal figures.  Our process makes it possible to adapt the designs to any size tile. We would work closely with you and/or your art selection committee to render sketches that would fit all criteria. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and customer service and would welcome the opportunity to work with you on providing art for your next healthcare installation.