New Video Showcases Natalie Blake Studios

Kohler Corporation, the parent company of Ann Sacks Tile & Stone, recently launched a video showcasing our tilemaking process.  The video is posted under the Ann Sacks tab of, but you can view it here too: Three of our designs (Dahlia, Botanical and Nautilus) are sold exclusively through Ann Sacks Tile Co.

Tree of Life Mural Commissioned by Homeowner

Homeowner Commissions Ceramic Tile Mural at League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair This summer, at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair in Sunapee, NH, I had the pleasure of meeting Atena Rosak.  She fell in love with a long tree piece I had in my booth and commissioned a wall tile mural from me right then and there on the spot based on that piece.  We looked at color, texture, design, which way the tree should bend and how thick its trunk should be.  We picked colors together by arranging colored tiles I had in other murals hanging in the booth, and arranged them until we had the right color placement. I began making the tree a few weeks after the show. I rolled out tile, draped the slabs of clay over small forms I premade, waited for the clay to firm up, then applied a dark thin wash of slip to the white clay surface.  Then I began carving through that  dark slip in a process called sgraffito carving. Have you ever done scratch board?  The same concept is employed here. I carve through the black slip down through  to the white porcelain below. I carve enough black… Read More »

Shower Installation

This is a shower installation done with unalun tile in smooth finishes. The jade, celedon and cream glazes were used here to create a lush environment connoting jungle and sea forms. The result is a verdant and soft environment suitable for a small space. Click on the image to enlarge. I created 4″x8″ cream colored tiles for the side walls of the shower and bath wall. These are undulating tiles that I placed in a somewhat random pattern to interweave the concept of the buldging tile with the flat tile, so as to tie together the totally undulating back wall. They are woven in with hand made tiles from Trikeenan Tileworks in Keene, NH.  Fellow ceramic artists and now friends, Kristen and Chris, have been working in tile for years with a highly successful business. They now create tile for Whole Foods. .

Making ceramic wall art murals

Every day my alarm on my phone goes off to signal me to write something about making ceramic tile wall art. I love wall art—how many times do I walk into someone’s home and see a blank wall and say–“that wall would benefit from some unalun tile to make a unique and original piece of wall art that is sculptural and one of a kind and truly amazing.” I would like to be playing music in Brussels as well. But we can’t do everything in this life all the time. What I can do, however, is to go home and make a new idea on a “painting” that is the wall canvas that provides a truly welcome relief to the square framed painting of age old. The ideas are endless, as are the walls.  Can I take ceramic tile to a new level?  There is a new level to be created every day in art. That is the POINT of being a maker–our work is never done for there is always some new combination of idea, technique and mastery that will lead to an original piece of art work. My tiles are a result of years of vessel making, and… Read More »

Partnership with Ann Sacks

We are excited about our three new tile designs, designed exclusively for Ann Sacks Tile & Stone Company.  The three designs: Dahlia, Nautilus and Botanical, can be  applied vertically or horizontally to create dramatic, show-stopping murals, with an individual beauty that is also striking as a backsplash or fireplace surround. To see these murals, go to:

Website Launches

Here we go! After a few months of intensive work, we’re launching!   The site is still a work in progress so bear with us as we tweak it.  We’re looking forward to including videos of studio activity, new pictures of installations and lots more. Stay tuned! Thanks to Johnny DiGeorge, our webmaster/creator for making this website possible!