Making a custom, kitchen backsplash

Our most recent backsplash…we call it Little Tree because we customized the tiles, making 7" x 7" tiles in order to fit the entire tree in the space.

handmade, ceramic backsplash tile

handmade, ceramic backsplash tile

A homeowner contacted us to order a custom-made, ceramic tile backsplash to go above her kitchen range.  She gave us the dimensions of the wall space that she wanted to fill, minus the size of the "rod" style tile in black, wrought iron, that will border the custom tiles we make. We then determined that she'd need 7" x 7" tiles, allowing for the groutlines.  When she said she wanted the Tree of Life design we Photoshopped an image of a Tree of Life mural on the image she sent us of her space.  She loved it!
Photoshopped image of Tree of Life backsplash

Photoshopped image of Tree of Life backsplash

  She approved, and we've started the piece.  We will work with her to pick glaze colors, first by sending her a sampling of 3" x 3" color chips so that she can see the actual glaze colors before making her choice.  
handmade tile, Natalie Blake, ceramic tile, backsplash tile

Beginning the tiles: sketch and tools ready!

We've started making the piece by first rolling out the tiles, and draping them over our forms on the table to give the tiles our signature undulation.

Click on the image below to watch a short video of this process:

backsplash tile, Natalie Blake

Tiles drying on molds to give them their undulation

Here we are carving the piece:
backsplash tile, Natalie Blake


backsplash tile, handmade tile, Natalie Blake


  Here's the final piece, fresh from the kiln.
handmade, ceramic backsplash tile by Natalie Blake

7" x 7" backsplash tiles

  We just received (Dec 10, 2013) 2 images of the piece being installed. These images show the tiles in place, but not yet grouted. Stay tuned for more images! handmade, ceramic backsplash tile by Natalie Blake installed, not grouted 2  

2 Responses to “Making a custom, kitchen backsplash”

  1. Richard Kashnoski October 15, 2014 at 1:10 pm #388762

    I was on your website and viewed the Tree of Life design that you created. I am absolutely in love with the design. My partner and I are about to remodel our kitchen and would love to incorporate this design into the backdrop of our kitchen. Can you please tell me approximately how much this piece would cost?

    Your work is magnificent. I am actually doing a gallery opening at a center for the arts for children and was googling ideas on the tree of life to inspire me. I must say your work is breath taking. Please let me know your prices as I really want this in my kitchen.

    Thank you very much

    Richard A Kashnoski

  2. NB Studios May 15, 2015 at 12:15 pm #559075

    Just contact us with the size and we will send you a quote.

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