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 Nature Designs Promote Healing and Productivity

A recent New York Times article reports on benefits of incorporating the natural landscape in the workplace and healthcare environments.  According to "Why We Love Beauty" : "... window views of landscapes, research shows, can speed patient recovery in hospitals, aid learning in classrooms and spur productivity in the workplace. In studies of call centers, for example, workers who could see the outdoorscompleted tasks 6 to 7 percent more efficiently than those who couldn’t, generating an annual savings of nearly $3,000 per employee.(NYT, 2/25/13) " Many of our wall tile murals incorporate natural elements e.g. trees, flowers, water, and have been installed in healthcare settings around the country.  For example, this mural of botanical elements was recently installed at the Bridgeport Hostpial, Bridgeport, CT.  

handmade, ceramic wall art tile by Natalie Blake

We are inspired by nature!  Living in Vermont provides us with endless inspiration to create murals incorporating landscape elements.  

Vermont landscape

Vermont hillside. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ungerleider   Here's an example of a landscape mural that Natalie created for a Vermont client:

handmade, ceramic wall tile mural by Natalie Blake

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